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Hello, gorgeous! Welcome to Licious Makeup - A one-stop cosmetic brand for all your needs, providing a wide range of beauty products for most skin types and skin tones. Founded by a young self-taught makeup Artist from London who has been doing makeup professionally for over 5 years.

A preferred brand from the modern women of today! Hence, we're here to make sure that you have a lot of fun with our makeup. We're a brand that believes in empowerment. That's why we carefully curate products from around England which meet every want and need there could possibly be when it comes to your makeup and skincare regime. We believe in every interpretation of beauty. Quirky to crazy, bold to subdued, every day to the glam goddess! No matter what your style is, our aim is to celebrate every aspect of you.

We see your feminine beauty as an attribute that makes you an inevitable soul. Indeed, your beauty carries your character and personality. We at Licious believe that your beauty is something that makes you stand out amongst the people. A touch of perfection is what you need to stand amongst the people. Therefore, that is the reason why we provide the best cosmetics products, as women deserve nothing but the best. 

You know makeup is not just about making you look more beautiful, but it is about being astonishing, mesmerising and enhancing your overall look. A look which people can't take their eyes off. We understand that in today’s world of excess work, often you get less time for yourself. But meanwhile, while you handle your life, work and career, don't let your beauty fade away ever. Let Licious Makeup products add some beauty to it, with our most fascinating ranges of makeup products.

So, stop waiting for the right moment. Go ahead and pick your faves.

It is high time for you to Rule the world, one look at a time!

A Whole New Evolving Beauty Regimen

Licious Makeup exists to empower YOU to feel you most confident. Find out what sets us apart and how we’re spreading our mission all over the world!

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